FAQ High Stakes Storytelling

Frequently asked questions about High Stakes Storytelling.

How much does the show cost?
The show is free.

Can I bring a bunch of friends?

Is there alcohol, soda, or food available?
No, but there are many restaurants within a ten minute walk of the venue.

Where exactly is it?
192 Spadina Avenue, on the west side of Spadina just north of Queen.

When should I arrive?
Doors open at 7:30 PM.

How can I tell a story at the show?
Fill out this form to get the ball rolling.

Who produces this show?
Sage Tyrtle.

I don’t feel ready to tell a story. How can I learn more about storytelling?
Sage Tyrtle gives storytelling workshops. Learn more here.

How can I get in touch with Sage Tyrtle?
You can get in touch with Sage here.

How can I find out more about other storytelling shows in Toronto?
Here is a handy list.

Where did this show come from?
Where did High Stakes Storytelling come from? So I’m on Marsha Shandur’s couch, and I’m crying. And Marsha leans forward and gently says, “Well, if you want a place for the amazing stories you hear from your Seneca students, then how about you start your own storytelling show?”


Marsha says, “Was it a storytelling show?”

“…no. It was – there were stories, but also improv and stuff.”

Marsha says, “Sage. No couple in the history of the world has ever sat around Friday night and been like, ‘LET’S GO TO A VARIETY SHOW!'”

I laugh in a sniffly way. And then, for half an hour, I explain why I can’t have a show while Marsha listens patiently.

At the end, she says, “Okay, but how about you have your own show? And if no one comes, I promise that I will be there, clapping like crazy.”

And that’s how High Stakes Storytelling came to be.

Come sit in the audience. After hearing these wonderful stories, YOU will be clapping like crazy.

Any other questions? Feel free to get in touch.